The National Cadet Corps has established in India after independence. In 15 july, 1948 the NCC was founded in India as tremendous organization. Since then The NCC cadets in different state of India have been involved in social development and played important role in unity and integrity of the nation. The NCC unit has been conducting systematically, and the unit actively working for the college. The NCC unit has been doing various activities in various times from its beginning year. The activities are tree plantation, clean programme, social awareness programme, blood donation camp etc. In addition to this, health awareness, educational awareness and superstition awareness programs have been conducted by the NCC unit of our college. Moreover, the cadets of NCC unit of Tikrikilla College has been participating in the Independence day and Republic day parade every year. Discipline and Unity are the motto of NCC. The main principals of the NCC are obey with smile, be punctual, work hard and without fuss; and make no excuses and tell no lies. The motto and the principals abide by our NCC cadets.

Mrs. Susmita Kundu

Mr. Jatan Rabha