The College has a rich library of more than 12 thousand books which is in the process of computerisation. Students are allowed to borrow two books at a time and they are to return the books as per Library rules framed from time to time by the Library Committee. The college has its own reading room with journal section. To avail the benefit of Library, a student is required to possess Library Card which shall be issued to him/her on payment of Rs.10/- ( non-refundable) as the cost of the Library Card. All the rules relating to the Library service are strictly to be compiled with

Library Rules :

All students must make use of the library facility to enrich their academic excellence.

  1. Only bonafide members are allowed to enter the college library on the strength of a valid Identity Card, which must be produced as and when it is demanded by the library staff or college teaching staff.
  2. Complete silence must be maintained in & near the library.
  3. Students should not bring Walkman or any electronic instruments and eatables inside the library.
  4. Using the Cell Phone in the Library is strictly prohibited. Keep your mobile on silent mode
  5. Infringement of the library rules will result in the withdrawal of the library facility from the students.
  6. All cases of the violation of rules will be reported to the Principal for suitable action.
  7. In case of any difficulty, readers can approach the Librarian.
  8. The students will have to pay cost for damage of books and fine for delay in returning the books.

Co-operation of the students is earnestly sought in observing the rules.