Principal’s Message

M.A. Sangma
Principal, Tikrikilla College

First of all, greetings from the Principal. On the occasion of launching of our college website. I would like to bring the viewers little bit about the college. The place Tikrikilla being in the remote, rural and backward areas there was not institution for higher Education. Notwithstanding the good academic record, the economically backward students could not pursue their higher education. Therefore, the people have yearned to have and institution of Higher Education in Tikrikilla to cater to the needs of the society. Efforts to start a college started in the 1960s however, because of many hindrances, it could not be materialized, but due to persistent afford the Tikrikilla College came into existence in the year 1986 with limited resources. With the establishment of the college, the long cherished dream of having an educational institution for higher studies was fulfill. Since then, the college has been evolving in different dimensions like infrastructure, faculty etc. with a view to produce good and successful citizens, the college, besides imparting quality Education, engaged the students in different fields, thereby inculcating in them the spirit of moral values and self-reliance. A good academic environment cannot thrive in isolation. A stable and a progressive social dynamic forms the backdrop amidst which academics of a place reaches new milestones. The Form a sort of symbiotic relation with one another. It is this basic tenet following which the college has constantly tried to bolster the social fabric of the places true its various programs and initiatives.

Though the college has evolved, the main ideology of providing quality higher education to the economically weaker section of the society and uplifting them for better future has not been compromised. With the mission to uplift the people of the area without any discrimination on the basis of caste, creed or religion. The college serves the people. The present decade it’s a decade of new hopes and aspirations. The boundaries of human knowledge in every sphere is entering newer horizons. To stand up to the new aspirations the, world has seen ever increasing challenges and competitions in every aspect of human life. The college always tries to meeting to these new needs of the student community by perpetually invigorating them with innovative ideas and expert mentorship. The College is striving to match the premier higher academic institutes of the state and the nation.

Long Live Tikrikilla College.